The Peckerwood educational headset with micrphone is the most comfortable tool for your private language lesson or conferencing purpose. Its PM magnetic multi-layered diaphragm reduces magnetic effects on the brain, making it suitable for long-term use. Plus ear-muffs, built to last while providing comfort during use. Super noise cancellation technology ensures you hear less unwanted noise and to stay focus on lesson is enhanced.

Headset for Education

An Affordable Headset Suitable for Education

Rynotech educational headset with microphone is the most comfortable instrument for private language lessons or conferencing. The Headio series is an affordable headset designed specifically for educational purposes.


Super noise cancellation technology provides crystal clear audio for digital learning, videos, and games. Its PM magnetic multi-layered diaphragm decreases magnetic influences on the brain, allowing it to be used for extended periods of time.


The boom microphone may be rotated 270° to be worn on either the left or right side. A flexible microphone can be positioned to improve voice capture and reduce background noise. The boom can be tucked away when not in use.


Rynotech Products offers a full line of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems. These comprehensive solutions incorporate power sources and related devices such as automatic transfer switches and power distribution units and are offered in single phase and three phase options with capacities up to 800 kVA.

AC Power Solution

  • 850VA /1000VA /5000VA
  • Single Phase 1-50KVA
  • Three Phase 5-1000KVA

750VA /1000VA /2000VA

  • An entry level UPS for office and IT equipment's
  • Type: Tower and Rack Mount
  • Line Interactive LED UPS/LCD Touch Screen and LCD DISPLAY UPS
  • 800VA/850VA/1000VA/1250VA/1500VA/2000VA/3000VA – User Friendly LCD Touch Screen/LCD Display
  • Line Interactive Pure Sinewave LCD Display UPS
  • 1000VA/1500VA/2000VA/3000VA
  • Application:

    • For Office and Multimedia PC’s
    • Point of Sales Terminal
    • Other Office Equipment

  • For critical loads and suitable for sensitive data.
    • Double conversion True Online UPS
    • DSP Technology guarantees high reliability
    • Active power factor correction (APFC), input power factor up to 0.99 (In all phases)
    • Output power factor 0.9/1.0
  • Single Phase UPS available in 1kVA to 3kVA and 5kVA to 10kVA Tower and Rack Mount Type configurations. 3 Phase UPS available in 10kVA to 30kVa and 30kVA to 200kVA Stand Alone configurations.

For critical loads and suitable for sensitive data.

  • High efficiency online double-conversion technology.
  • High scalability
  • Pure Sinewave Output
  • Hot Swappable Module Design
  • Active power factor correction (APFC), input power factor 1.0
  • Output power factor 0.9/1.0 (Unity)

(3p/3p) Available in 30kVA to 300kVA configurations.

(3p/3p) Available in 50kVA to 800kVA configurations.

Lithium Ion UPS

Ryotech lithium-ion UPS energy contingency solutions, have been deployed in datacenters, hospitals, smart-city sensor control systems and oil & gas applications, by tier-one customers in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Thailand & Indonesia

  • A next-generation Energy Storage Backup Power System
  • Advanced 3rd generation Lithium-NCM (Nickel, Cobalt, Manganese) energy storage system.
  • Truly maintenance free: All routine maintenance on the Lithium UPS is performed by its advanced Battery Management System (BMS).
  • Available in 1kVA/2kVA/3kVA/5kVA and 10 kVA / 20 kVA / 25 kVA configurations

  • An Energy Storage Backup Power System for DC systems.
  • Fully configurable for -48 VDC telecommunications applications
  • Advanced 3rd generation Lithium-NCM (Nickel, Cobalt, Manganese) energy storage system
  • Truly maintenance free: All routine maintenance on the Lithium UPS is performed by its advanced Battery Management System (BMS).

All-in-one energy storage solution. Durable, silent, emitting zero point-of-use pollution and built into a standard 20-foot ISO container, the Lithium Ion Container UPS is an optimal solution for commercial & industrial energy storage applications or as a diesel generator substitute in weak- or off-grid areas.

Using the latest power conversion and lithium-ion energy storage technologies, the Lithium Ion Container UPS is designed to:

  • be rugged, robust and built to last (20-year design life);
  • deliver excellent all-round performance;
  • operate safely, even in extreme operating environments.
  • Available in 150kVA/250kVA/350kVA/450kVA configurations.
  • Application: Passenger Lift, Welders, Tower Crane, Rechargeable Tools, Concrete Pumps, Concrete Batching Plants and Site Offices.

DC Power Solution

Modular Switch Mode Rectifiers are specifically designed to recharge all type of stationary batteries for Telecom, Marine and Petrochemical. Available ratings are 24/48/110/220VDC.

Industrial heavy-duty Rectifier/Battery Charger are designed for all applications requiring DC Power Supply. Output rating: 12/24/30/110/220/500 VDC. 50Amp - 1200Amp.

Dedicated rectifiers for low, medium and high-power industrial applications up to 80kA, direct current.

From 2.4mW to 600 W, Rynotech offer one of the widest ranges of DC-DC converters available in the industry today. Our converters offer the choice of regulated or unregulated, standard or high isolation, standard or extra wide input voltages, all in industry standard plastic or metal packages.


Making sure the battery for your UPS battery backup is in peak condition is essential for making themost of the device. A UPS with a dead battery won’t be able to keep any equipment powered, meaning you’re at risk of losing data or damaging your electrical equipment during a power surge or unexpected shutdown. Rynotech offers only the highest performing, top-quality UPS batteries around. Nickel-cadmium batteries * Lead Acid Batteries * Lithium Ion battery *


Making Using a modular approach for battery monitoring. This means that by selecting from a range of options the system can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. VRLA or VLA (wet cells), lead acid or Ni-Cd – Rynotech has a solution that meets your requirements to get the best out of your battery assets.
  • Visibility to individual string and individual monoblock level.
  • Flexibility to suit battery model and application.
  • Visibility of both real-time and historic battery data.
  • Thermal runaway detection.
    Automated alarm management.
  • SNMP and Modbus integration with DCIM, facility management and
    building management systems .
  • Rapid, automated data sampling and logging.
  • UPS intermittent charging compatibility.
    Data acquisition and battery history logging.
  • Local or remote communication with user’s interface.
  • Issues of warnings and alarms accorsing to level of criticality.
  • User-defined alarm limits.
  • Designed to allow IEEE/IEC best practice*


Control, monitoring and optimization for your mission critical infrastructure, with mechanical (BMS), electrical (EPMS) and DCIM capabilities in a single, industrial solution. Data Center Automation an industrial solution for on-premise and hybrid cloud environments. At a base level, it is an integration and automation platform to enable transparency and interoperability for continuous optimization and high availability.


Environment control in mission critical space is a great concern in today’s technology requirements. Therefore, the precision air conditioner plays an important role in this environment. Precision air systems are designed for close temperature and humidity control. They provide high reliability for year-round operation, with the ease of service, system flexibility and redundancy necessary to keep the technology room up and running 24 hours a day.


Remote terminal unit RTU is a device installed at a remote location that collects data, codes the data into a format that is transmittable and transmits the data back to a central station, or master system


  • Supervision and monitoring alarm systems
  • Automatic monitoring system;
  • Vending Machines;
  • Pumping Stations;
  • Weather Stations;
  • River Monitoring and Flood Control;
  • Oil and gas pipelines;
  • Security Alarm System
  • PLC and Automation System
  • Corrosion protection
  • Valve controls;
  • Energy saving, street lights control system;
  • Tanks, levels, temperatures, water leakage applications;


At Rynotech Security, we are committed to providing our customers with the latest technology in security systems and surveillance. As an informed and experienced team, we make sure to give all our customers guidance through the right choice. From quality surveillance parts, to a great range of magnetic locks and card readers.


  • Digital Evidence Recorder
  • Camera System


  • Door Access Monitoring System
  • Time Management System
  • Guard Patrol System
  • Smartcard/Mycard Access System
  • Lift Access System
  • Pedestrian Gate


Automated Exit Pay Stations

Automated exit pay stations enables accurate, secure, and prompt fee calculation as well as access control through parking ticket issuance to fee calculation. Pass cards and service tickets can also be accommodated depending on the desired operation

Attended Exit Pay Stations

In attended exit pay stations, entry is automated and parking fee is calculated by an operator using an auto-read fee schedules at the exit. This system is flexible and can accommodate various parking fee structures depending on vehicle types or parking hours of the day.

Security gate system

Security gate system automates the access control into the facility and traffic control within the facility. This system achieves smooth access, security enforcement and laborsaving in the management.

Facility Management Software

Enables real-time centralized management of parking equipment. Various reports including revenue information and entry/exit records are generated to support your parking lot management. Manual tabulation is now automated, and multiple parking lots can be managed collectively through the network.

Parking Lot Management System

We offer a solution to secure smooth vehicle guidance and safety in a parking lot. Ensuring safety in a parking lot is the most important point. Our system provides safety and convenience for parking lot users, and relief and reliability for parking lot owner


Rynotech support full consultation and expert assessment on Nurse Call system. Nurse Call features a graphical touch screen patient station, enabling caregivers to communicate with patients faster, reduce steps in their routine and perform a greater number of patient care activities at the bedside.
Nurse Call provides a powerful platform for clinical connectivity to help improve patient safety and satisfaction, improve efficiency at the point of care, and integrate into the healthcare enterprise. Unlike traditional nurse call systems, Nurse Call is designed from the ground up to streamline communications and facilitates integration into the healthcare enterprise.
Providing a powerful platform for clinical connectivity, Nurse Call helps better connect patients, caregivers, beds and IT systems, turning real-time data into informed action at the point of care. The end result: improved caregiver responsiveness and an environment more conducive to improving patient outcomes.

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